Card/Account provided by a personal IBAN

Differently from other debit cards, MultibuyPay has an online account provided by a personal IBAN.

With the personal IBAN linked to the account you can reload the card, receive funds on the account from friends and relatives, or incomes from the employer.


A single card that allowes you to shop also online and withdrawl worldwide, not only in Italy.


You can choose between an anonymous card that you will receive at home in 48 hours or, alternatively, a customized card with embossed name and surname.

Choising this second option, the delivery times will be longer (up to 15 days).

Easy opening

You can open your bank account in few minutes, simply uploading your ID-document, a delivery proof, your tax ID-number (if request) and fill out a form.

Your account will be available in 24/48 hours, the card will be delivered to you.

For everyone

Issued by Maltese Interbank Services, this account/card is approachable to everyone, without any banking verification.


An online account protected by Blockchain, and a Mastercard protected by the best security systems.


Everytime you use your card or everytime the friends you brought in the circuit use theirs you will receive a cashback.

Bringing in your friends, who use the MultibuyPay card, will be very profitable: they spend and you earn.


At the end of every month the full amount spent during the month will return to you in the way of that you can use to book holidays.

600 are waiting to welcome you.

Fidelity & More

Introducing relatives and friends who join MultibuyPay, you will have lots of benefits that will allow you to earn every time other people use MultibuyPay card.


Card Emergency

The Card that you wish you will never have to use, but it will save your life.